Leadership & Contact

St. John’s Episcopal Church
11901 Belair Road P.O.Box 187
Kingsville, MD 21087

We are located at the intersection of Belair Road (US Route 1), 
Sunshine Avenue, Bradshaw Road, and Jerusalem Road.

Rev. Sipos is in the office Tuesday-Thursday. Her day off is Monday. In case of pastoral emergency, you can contact her at 410-698-5376.

Parish Office Hours:
9:30am – 2:00pm

Monday thru Thursday

Telephone: 410-592-8570
Email:  office@stjohnskingsville.org

Vestry Members

Class of 2020                         Class of 2021
Thelma Burns                             Allen Rawl
Andrea Doten                             Kimberly Collins
Anne Leland                               Maxine Rising


Senior Warden, Michele Lozanski

Junior Warden, Paul Johnson

Treasurer, Liz Healey

Registrar, Andrea Doten


Delegates to Diocesan Convention

Delegate: Marguerite Lobb

Alternate: Maxine Rising



The Rev’d Elizabeth Sipos, M.Div., office@stjohnskingsville.org








Parish Administrator
Angie Bosley, Email: Office@stjohnskingsville.org

Church Angie 005A







Organist/Choir Director

Nancy Heinold