Interim Process

Five Developmental Tasks 

Unique to the Interim Period

We are now in an Interim Period between Settled Rectors at St. John’s Church. Fr. Dan Hinkle is our Interim Rector and he began his ministry with us on Sunday, November 23, 2014. Fr. Dan is guiding us through the Five Developmental Tasks of the Interim Period. We will be starting our History Project soon after the New Year. More details on this important project will be posted after the holidays.

A summary of the Five developmental Tasks is listed below.

1. Coming to Terms with History


  • Putting the tenure of former pastors in perspective
  • Acknowledging the past and accepting both the good and the bad
  • Deciding what is important and worthwhile to carry into the future
  • Appropriate venting of feelings, grieving, accepting, & moving on

2. Discovering a New Identity


    • Determining whether congregations self-image is realistic
    • Seeing the interim time as an opportunity for renewal and growth
    • Congregation sees itself as an entity without a pastor; separating the church’s identity from former pastors’ personalities and styles

3. Leadership (paid and volunteer) Changes during an Interim


  • Power and control of decisions and direction of congregation
  • Healthy, realistic, and open decision-making; wide ownership of decisions
  • Managing conflicts to promote congregational unity
  • Honoring past leaders and finding ways to keep them involved
  • Burn-out and drop-out of leaders; leadership development & rotation

4. Renewing Denominational Linkages


  • Healthy partnership with the denomination
  • Authority, dependency, interdependency, counter-dependency
  • Church’s tendency to see diocese through former priest’s eyes
  • History of relationship, dollars, trust; share mission

5. Commitment to New Directions in Ministry     


  • Wide ownership of & excitement about shared vision for the future
  • Getting a good match between a new pastor and the congregation
  • Clear and shared expectations between clergy and congregation
  • Clean & healthy exit of interim pastor; good closure of interim period